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4AD Record Label Case Study

Revived email database unleashes untapped revenue for an already successful ecommerce store Overview 4AD is a UK based record label considered to be a tastemaker in music. 4AD launched their online store in 2007 to sell artist merchandise and music. …

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Flying Lotus Case Study

A worldwide album release marketing strategy leads to increased sales, through measurable insights Overview Warp is an independent label with offices in the U.S. and the UK.  They were in the planning stages of releasing Flying Lotus’s fourth album, Until …

“Not only did the FOUND team help Warp Records generate the highest ever initial sales weeks for Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada, but a long-tail model that consistently grows and retains audiences as well.”

- Josh Berman, GM at Warp

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The Things you Should Know


THE FOUND GROUP provides integrated digital marketing campaigns that deliver substantial and measurable results for the music industry.



FOUND believes in a fundamental marketing process.


FIND qualified audiences online
IDENTIFY their different stages of the buying cycle
REACH those audiences through THE RIGHT online platforms
DELIVER the right MESSAGE (sometimes persuasive, sometimes informative, sometimes offer based, sometimes imperative call to action based) message
TRACK reaction and behavior
ANALYZE that behavior
RETARGET the right users with the next phase of messaging
EVALUATE the next step NEEDED to drive the conversion.

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Beggars Group, The xx, 4AD, Mumford & Sons, Columbia Records, Haim, T. Mills, Warp, Flying Lotus, Strictly Rhythm, SQE, At The Drive-In, Excision, Sparta, Audrey Napoleon, Data Romance, Priscilla Ahn, HMBSMS, St. Vincent, Cut Copy, Ghost, Boards of Canada, Mmoths, Loma Vista Recordings, Warner Bros. Records

Superserve Radio

Build Fan Base

Targeting an audience to increase awareness about your band creates fans and builds a fan base.

There are many modern tools to be used to increase awareness about a band to a targeted audience, and also to create new fans.

Before you start taking shots in the dark of “how to get more fans,” it is important for YOU to understand why such tools are used;

Using streaming advertising, you can reach new listeners, expose them to the music of the band, encourage email captures, social follows, and increased streaming services spins (ex. on Spotify, Pandora, etc.).

Electronic customer relations marketing (eCRM), or “retention marketing”. Retention marketing is aimed to retain the fans once they have become an engaged and captive audience member. Using social media to engage the newly exposed listeners that follow the band on social media and encourage a connection between the listener the band. We build a connection, then the relationship is nurtured, and eventually the “listener” transforms to a “fan”.

We use newsletters to engage newly exposed listeners and encourage the same relationship that is developed through social media. Combining both, we urge fans generated out of listeners to become advocates for the band.

Search engine optimization can be useful, depending on the situation.

Paid media on social media targets new potential listeners. There is a different “buying cycle” duration and process, but it’s all generally the same logic as above.

There’s much more. This isn’t a course on fan cycles, buying cycles, and persuasion.


Increase Fan Value

Increasing fan value means increasing the ability to sell things to fans. The amount of “things” can be endless. Music, tickets, merchandise, whatever it is that makes sense for the fans.

We design strategies to keep fans active so they don’t become dormant.

These strategies nurture fans into becoming stronger fans.

The direct result? Our strategies sell “things” to fans.

FOUND believes in increasing the propensity for fans to purchase “things”. We believe in the concept of Electronic Consumer Relationship Marketing (eCRM). Think of this as taking an average “entry level” fan by hand and guiding them along the necessary steps to turn them into a “super fan”, becoming more and more attached with and to the artist. This process has proven to increase the total value of “things” that fans buy in their lifetime.

Please refer to the “About” page for all of the buzzwords encompassing the things we do, ranging from Facebook, to Topspin.

Merchandise Sales Marketing

Build the Ever Ethereal Industry Profile

Tell Us What You Need, We’ll Tell You What You Need to Get There

It’s very common nowadays for a client to ask a marketing company to “do social media.”  We get asked that a lot.  We also get asked a lot of other questions that we fit in the same group of questions, “Do you do Facebook advertising?”  “Do you do newsletters?”  “Do you do Topspin?”



We don’t “do social media,” rather, what we do is follow a course of actions guided by a strategy, to find a solution, in order to reach a goal, and that may or may not incorporate social media.

In other words, if the use of social media is called upon in the strategy to reach the goal, it will be incorporated. If Facebook advertising is necessary, then that’s what we would do.  If it is not found to be necessary, there will be no “doing of social media” or “Facebook advertising.”

Album Sales

Tour Sales

Festival Sales

Superserve Radio

Fan Development

Ecommerce Optimization

Artist Development

@BourbonNBeyond you know, you can run Spotify Audio ads through our platform without any minimums. Lots of festivals use it

About 11 months ago from FOUND's Twitter via Twitter Web Client

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